too busy to pray

i was listening to a sermon and it really convicted me. My heart was so dirty i wanted to do anything put pray. Some times you got so much going on that you dont have time to spend with God. Nothing is worth not having time to hear. Especially in this time with judgements falling and hurricanes and wars. Its a bad time to not be in touch with GOD. especially when He said He would do nothing without revealing it to His prophets.  But it takes courage to here the truth. it takes courage to face all of your sins, it takes courage to obey. hey. it takes courage to even walk this walk for real. But its better to know than to not know.  I am requesting prayer for stuff that is really urgent. A situation that seems to have no solution but I pray that the best thing will be the outcome.


Desolation- broken little pieces

Jason Gray- Nothing Is Wasted Lyric Video from centricitymusic on GodTube.

I was meditating of the story of Tamar today, and came upon another blog post that mentioned her, i found this video, which makes me think.

Have you even been the by product of anothers mistake, i mean they  were selfish and didnt think of how what they did would effect you and you are left with broken little pieces. This song really ministered to me that even those broken little pieces God can do something with. I hate when people tell stories, because the truth is that sin costs and stories arent always simple. sometimes there are not happy ever afters for some people, but its okay. Tamar was a product and the by product of Davids sin. While we may never know if she was a direct result it certainly is a possiblity.

She is a virgin and is ravashed by her half brother. What is the most terrible is it can really never be made right. Tamar cannot marry her half brother and will probably not be able to marry becaue of what Ammon did. So she would be consider a used women. Her Story speaks to women who suffer through no fault of their own.

She was desolate, and her it say she covered herself in ashes. Today is Ash wednesday and as we are to come with Ashes as in mourning and repentance, we dont know, was Tamar mourning her misfortune. Is their someone that we see suffering through no fault of their own.  Our tears water the ground for broken dreams, but even the tears will promise growth like the rain provides nourishment to the ground. Jesus said we would be given beauty for ashes,  perhaps the promise of the broken little pieces having a purpose like a mosaic in the church window or a new robe for the one that was torn in despair is enough to keep us going.

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Sickness as a reminder

I have been mediating on the idea of sickness as a gift. Sometimes i used to get angry with GOD. I mean why can’t i just be normal, find a job get married like normal people and go on with life. things have never been that simple with me, and some is because of sin, sins introduced sins of others or simple sins of life. Other times i truly believe its God’s way of reminding me not to live for this world. This world brings death and sorrow and while im sure G-d does want us to experience joy while here, its nothing compared to heaven. I had alot of sorrows growing up which made me want to seek out a perfect life, a life without trouble and trial. But im realizing seeking out this life, troubleless, through sin and other things which you try to drown out the pain of living not other doesnt give you relief but brings on more sorrow. In learning this challenges, sicknesses or lack of life’s comforts are just God’s way of painfully reminding us that this is not the end all be all, to continue to strive for heavenly treasures and not earthly ones, and this is not the end of the story. This is Laura story’s song ‘blessings’ it came to me while writing today. enjoy.

Laura Story – Blessings- Fans Share Their Stories from laura-story on GodTube.

For my enemies..

I was reading a newsletter this morning and something struck me about what was written. Jesus died not just for His friends but His enemies too. How that goes to the core of everything. I could say we arent really walking with Christ if we dont lay down our lives for our enemies. There is something otherly(is that a word) divine and completely against EVERY natural bent and desire that i have to do something for someone who wants to kill maim or harm me.

Yet that is the call and really the only call. I have had GOD ask me to bless people I KNOW can’t stand me, hate are jealous of me for no reason and would truly be happy at my demise. It is one thing to bless someone who loves you adores you and gladly would help you and give their right arm to assist you. It is a joy to give to those people. But GOD calls us to go further. We are to BLESS those who hate us, lay down those who would NEVER lift a finger to help us if we were in trouble, we are called to give to them even if they stab us in the back do miserable things to us, throw our clothes out in the street and generally make like miserable. WHY? because GOD does that for us. And if we are supposed to look like HIM, we have to do the same thing. It is a HARD road at times to bless people who would crucify you if they got the opportunity but it is the first class in Christianity.

While the world says to hate your haters and to do bad to those who do bad to you, we are called to a HIGHER mode of life.

The Best Seat



I was reading this morning about the Banquet in Luke 14 i believe it was. Where the host had to invite those in the by ways and highways to come to the banquet because those who were invited, (the important people) were too busy to come to the event. I thought about how many times I am too important to do what GOD wants me to do and instead God goes to get those in the highways and byways to do His bidding. Sometimes im the highways and byways folks where I shouldnt have even been invited in the first place but i suppose someone else decided they had things too important to be bothered with then GOD and so in turn i get chosen. How Good is God that He is not a snob. Think how silly we are now GOD has everything, I mean EVERYTHING and isnt too busy to be dealing with me, how dare i get too busy to do anything that He wants me to do. Hmm? something to chew on today.