Do you think I’m beautiful

The enemy loves to keep us bound with thoughts of whether we have a certain look that is acceptable or not good enough. Having dealt with this because of my multiracial multicultural upbringing I somehow developed the attitude that what I had wasn’t good enough based on what others have told me. I was too light, too dark, not phat enough, too skinny, I didnt have this or that. It is a wonder why I got out of the bed in the morning. Basing your identity on what the newspaper, magazines or videos say will leave you crying the blues. But, I know this isn’t true when in the bible it says everything God created is good. So we must learn to value ourselves, how we look. What we have, even what we dont have and allow God to create us into the woman that HE intended for us to be. Not what people want us to be or try to make us into. What the world says doesn’t define me, but what God says does. I am a jewel and He sees me as His jewel so I will not let others treat me any less than who He says I am  Neither should you. So take that Satan.


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