Someone mention the scripture in Acts where it talks about the believers having everything in common. What happens when you don’t have everything in common with other believers or you are not included. Should a church have cliques? I been on the receiving and the giving end of cliques. Sometimes I’m the one that’s included, which is a refreshing feeling especially when you are always feeling like the one on the outs. Other times, I have also been the one left out, more times then i care to mention. So how do you deal with you are the one on the outs. I guess for me it has been a serious time of self-discovery. You realize that you are different that others and no-one is laughing at your jokes. Or the group you thought you belonged to, gives you a ticket out and you realize you weren’t a member of the club after all. How do you handle Cliques, factions and divisions in a world where God wants us all to get along.

I used to try to force feed my way. Until it accorded to me, ‘maybe i dont belong here really’. I ‘d wait for folks to just ‘like me’  i mean after all doesn’t it say, ‘a man with friends should b friendly’. But even in church sometimes i’m left hanging feeling like Jesus is my closest friend(any only). hey isnt that a song. Humilty is key. Like the man invited to the wedding who was told to take a lower seat. Sometimes friendship can make you feel like that OUCH.  But who wants to feel like they always have to put on airs to b apart of something. It is a whole of energy. Now I am realizing that everyone is not meant for everything.  I mean water seeks its own level as someone used to say. This is not to say you can’t be friends with those different from you, but truthfully there will b a time where someone will ask for your ticket on the train and say do you really belong here. Learning who you are is extremely helps you to learn who you are not and  helps you find others like you


AnnCam courtesy Flickr

Now instead of forcing friendship, i learn to celebrate who God created me to be and wait. Those ppl who love what you got are waiting on you to get it together, so they can find you. Many times we spend so much time wearing somebody else clothes, living somebody else’s life, our authentic friends and ppl who love us and ‘dont think we’re strange’ can’t find us cause we’re dressed up like someone else. So b U as Mary Mary says and instead of always following others learn to dance to your own’ll find many people who can’t wait to hear the song you have to sing..

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