Did You know…

i write a blog about weddings too..yes ima busy bee. Well today was interesting because I was reading a devotional and it spoke about GOD returning you to the place of your last failure. It was talking about when Peter was fishing and caught nothing. Jesus asked him to try again. It was basically about how GOD wont give up on you and let you off the hook so to speak. I had gotten to a point where in relationships i figured well that just must not be for me.HOLD UP wait a minute. When GOD starts something HE finishes. In fact the only person who can stop it is you by not allowing GOD to finish what HE started. So its comforting to know that GOD cares as much about your success as you do. Nice to know. So if there’s something you keep trying and failing. Try again #thatisall.


2 thoughts on “Did You know…

  1. wow. you’re quite welcome! I hope God blesses you with those projects you might b tempted to give up on. Don’t b/c God wont. Praise God!

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