you matter


Puzzled by brad montgomery, on Flickr

Today i was in a bit of a funk. I deactivated my facebook account. I guess the devil convinced me that i didn’t matter. After all the endless status updates and people posting this or that it occured to me that no one was talking to me. Now in the past it used to not matter, but lately as i have been wasting precious time it started to bug me. I was like why am i on here if no one is talking to me? Why do i constantly check this if im gone no-one really cares or is not really saying hey where is so and so. It seems counterproductive if when im gone it doesnt matter. So i starting thinking about that and really thinking am i investing my life or time in what matters. Do the people in my world care about me, would it matter if im not here. Rather who would care if i wasn’t. Am i investing in the right people or trying to be popular who would replace my friendship in a day. It says not to cast your pearls among swine.  Do i need to get with people who care about what i got and treasure it not trash it. Slowly the Lord reminded me of people who did care, i started to think of all the people i had a chance to cross paths with and thought hey wait a minute, stop stressing what i dont have and focus on what i do. No im not on here with like 50 friend requests but i do matter to certain people and there would be a void if i was gone. Now Im not being egocentric but God showed me that though my influence may not be thousands, in fact it might be a couple of ppl i live with or near I still matter to GOD. You matter to HIm. I mean someone needs to know GOD loves them, in that moment He made me aware of how much He actually cares about people. So even if you feel like your contribution is very small, and the corner that you brighten means very little to someone that little corner means a whole lot to GOD. Dont ever forget it. God loves you so much that He sent someone to die to redeem you John 3:16…do you know some people can’t do certain things if you dont hold up your end. Find out who those ppl are and be with them…You matter.


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