I don’t care if Trayvon is NINO BROWN…..

Wrong is wrong and right is right. I recented  read an article in Ebony which dealt with this issue.  Why is it that black people fall under a cloud of eternal sin by white people. As if we are guilty no matter what. The fact that Trayvons family is not the woman with rollers in her hair on the evening news (they come for her first) hollaring at her ends, trust if Trayvons momma was like this. Nobody would be marching. WHY there would be no support from whites. On Anderson Cooper i remember the witness came on tv and was a white women. I was suprised and also noticed that it took her VALIDATING the crime for whites to listen. They dont listen to us. If a black person would have responded to her claim than it would have no validity and TRAYVON most definately would be the criminal in this piece. Further making it clear that the only reason people are upset is because TRAYVON was a good clean kid. If he was well ‘he deserved to die’ and George Zimmermans murder would be valid. Such goes the injustice in this country and the prejudice that whites have towards all black men.


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