When it falls…

I am reading  Riva Tims book right now and also Enuma Okoro’s book about her spiritual Pilgrimage. Both are really great reads and really helpful if going through some sort of a loss. Enuma is struggling with questions of God and patience, while waitin on a spouse and Riva is dealing with infidelity and the loss of a spouse. Both are great reads and wonderful encouragement when going through a tragic circumstances. Somethings are never simple in God, so we have the freedom to wonder. While I am learning however to not Question God or His will. Especially when I think of things in the light of JOB’s experience. Mali Music has a wonderful video on the job experience which really explains this so well and also in a way that could be understood here and now. Meaning in a way that is relevant. Not many people i know have lost ALL their children there money AND health: Perhaps 2 out of three. But sometimes questioning God will give you the beat down, in otherwords who are you to ask Him anything since HE knows everything. But He permits our feeble attempt to question His sovreignity and luckily doesnt strike us with a lightning rod. In my own struggles questions and even anger i am learning to humbly lay my life at the foot of the Cross seeing as my God almost knows best EVEN if i dont think He does at the time.


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