Accept what God is offering


I was thinking the other day about something that i wanted. Right then i had a picture of my mind and i immediately rejected it. I wanted something else. My question was did I really want what i said what I wanted. Nope. I wanted what I wanted. Which was something else. Have you ever been there. You are hungry and God presents something to you and you suddenly aren’t as hungry as you thought you were. The truth is GOD provides our needs not necessarily our wants. Many things that we want we don’t need we just think we need it. Since we know that GOD provides are NEEDS, The truth is it isnt about what we desire after all.

If i was REALLY hungry i suppose no matter what i had in the refrigerator would look REALLY good. So it is with life. Sometimes GOD offers things to us but we reject it because we are proud or we firmly believe what we have is sufficient or better. However we are starving. Some would rather have their pride then GOD. IF we are hungry GOD knows it. Sometimes we think we are hungry but actually GOD sees that we are really lonely or need something to drink to be refreshed. So we must trust that GOD knows our needs and when HE sees a need HE will supply. It does no good to look at what others have because if GOD knew you needed it you would have it. So remember to thank GOD for all He’s good gifts. B blessed.


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