Slacker versus Servant

being a servants means more to me than before. I never realized how much God hated being greedy and serving self. A servant is someone who does what the master wants. It means you dont get to choose. I always joked that if i had lived during slavery i would be dead, because rather than serving i would sooner be killed. But that attitude is good i suppose if you are serving the RIGHT master. Daniel refused to serve man when he was put in a LIONS DEN. It was a good thing to do what GOD would have him to do as opposed to serve a man who was serving the devil. God is to be worshipped above all no matter what that means. So if it means that you will die, spiritually or physically we must make that committment. I used to think certain things were too much for God to ask, but the truth is a servant doesnt get to choose his or her assignment. I encourage you to do what God would have of you to do today, you are not serving people but GOD.


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