The Best Seat



I was reading this morning about the Banquet in Luke 14 i believe it was. Where the host had to invite those in the by ways and highways to come to the banquet because those who were invited, (the important people) were too busy to come to the event. I thought about how many times I am too important to do what GOD wants me to do and instead God goes to get those in the highways and byways to do His bidding. Sometimes im the highways and byways folks where I shouldnt have even been invited in the first place but i suppose someone else decided they had things too important to be bothered with then GOD and so in turn i get chosen. How Good is God that He is not a snob. Think how silly we are now GOD has everything, I mean EVERYTHING and isnt too busy to be dealing with me, how dare i get too busy to do anything that He wants me to do. Hmm? something to chew on today.


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