For my enemies..

I was reading a newsletter this morning and something struck me about what was written. Jesus died not just for His friends but His enemies too. How that goes to the core of everything. I could say we arent really walking with Christ if we dont lay down our lives for our enemies. There is something otherly(is that a word) divine and completely against EVERY natural bent and desire that i have to do something for someone who wants to kill maim or harm me.

Yet that is the call and really the only call. I have had GOD ask me to bless people I KNOW can’t stand me, hate are jealous of me for no reason and would truly be happy at my demise. It is one thing to bless someone who loves you adores you and gladly would help you and give their right arm to assist you. It is a joy to give to those people. But GOD calls us to go further. We are to BLESS those who hate us, lay down those who would NEVER lift a finger to help us if we were in trouble, we are called to give to them even if they stab us in the back do miserable things to us, throw our clothes out in the street and generally make like miserable. WHY? because GOD does that for us. And if we are supposed to look like HIM, we have to do the same thing. It is a HARD road at times to bless people who would crucify you if they got the opportunity but it is the first class in Christianity.

While the world says to hate your haters and to do bad to those who do bad to you, we are called to a HIGHER mode of life.


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