Desolation- broken little pieces

Jason Gray- Nothing Is Wasted Lyric Video from centricitymusic on GodTube.

I was meditating of the story of Tamar today, and came upon another blog post that mentioned her, i found this video, which makes me think.

Have you even been the by product of anothers mistake, i mean they  were selfish and didnt think of how what they did would effect you and you are left with broken little pieces. This song really ministered to me that even those broken little pieces God can do something with. I hate when people tell stories, because the truth is that sin costs and stories arent always simple. sometimes there are not happy ever afters for some people, but its okay. Tamar was a product and the by product of Davids sin. While we may never know if she was a direct result it certainly is a possiblity.

She is a virgin and is ravashed by her half brother. What is the most terrible is it can really never be made right. Tamar cannot marry her half brother and will probably not be able to marry becaue of what Ammon did. So she would be consider a used women. Her Story speaks to women who suffer through no fault of their own.

She was desolate, and her it say she covered herself in ashes. Today is Ash wednesday and as we are to come with Ashes as in mourning and repentance, we dont know, was Tamar mourning her misfortune. Is their someone that we see suffering through no fault of their own.  Our tears water the ground for broken dreams, but even the tears will promise growth like the rain provides nourishment to the ground. Jesus said we would be given beauty for ashes,  perhaps the promise of the broken little pieces having a purpose like a mosaic in the church window or a new robe for the one that was torn in despair is enough to keep us going.

( the ‘s’ on my computer is acting up, sorry for the typos)


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