Happy Holidays! Priorities…

the challenge in this season has been focus. I mean i have to have catagories for everything because some stuff thats not so important gets ‘filed’ in the important folder. Has God ever realigned your priorities. The things you spent so much time on He conveniently tells you I know you think this is important, but given the circumstances it really isnt. Especially if you have cung hard to something and He’s like excuse me i need to get rid of that. Has someone come to your house and started throwing things away and you were like THAT”S really important just what the (if you are honest you might even slip up) while the person in your house completely throws everything you worked so hard to build in the trash can. What has God been saying to you about readjusting priorities.


Slacker versus Servant

being a servants means more to me than before. I never realized how much God hated being greedy and serving self. A servant is someone who does what the master wants. It means you dont get to choose. I always joked that if i had lived during slavery i would be dead, because rather than serving i would sooner be killed. But that attitude is good i suppose if you are serving the RIGHT master. Daniel refused to serve man when he was put in a LIONS DEN. It was a good thing to do what GOD would have him to do as opposed to serve a man who was serving the devil. God is to be worshipped above all no matter what that means. So if it means that you will die, spiritually or physically we must make that committment. I used to think certain things were too much for God to ask, but the truth is a servant doesnt get to choose his or her assignment. I encourage you to do what God would have of you to do today, you are not serving people but GOD.

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I thought about..

Well i’m in the throws of finding full time employment. I never thought this would be so incredibly HHHHAARRRD. I mean its not even funny. Well I’m committed to journaling my time left, while theirs some work still left in me. Will let you know how it turns out.

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Accept what God is offering


I was thinking the other day about something that i wanted. Right then i had a picture of my mind and i immediately rejected it. I wanted something else. My question was did I really want what i said what I wanted. Nope. I wanted what I wanted. Which was something else. Have you ever been there. You are hungry and God presents something to you and you suddenly aren’t as hungry as you thought you were. The truth is GOD provides our needs not necessarily our wants. Many things that we want we don’t need we just think we need it. Since we know that GOD provides are NEEDS, The truth is it isnt about what we desire after all.

If i was REALLY hungry i suppose no matter what i had in the refrigerator would look REALLY good. So it is with life. Sometimes GOD offers things to us but we reject it because we are proud or we firmly believe what we have is sufficient or better. However we are starving. Some would rather have their pride then GOD. IF we are hungry GOD knows it. Sometimes we think we are hungry but actually GOD sees that we are really lonely or need something to drink to be refreshed. So we must trust that GOD knows our needs and when HE sees a need HE will supply. It does no good to look at what others have because if GOD knew you needed it you would have it. So remember to thank GOD for all He’s good gifts. B blessed.

When it falls…

I am reading  Riva Tims book right now and also Enuma Okoro’s book about her spiritual Pilgrimage. Both are really great reads and really helpful if going through some sort of a loss. Enuma is struggling with questions of God and patience, while waitin on a spouse and Riva is dealing with infidelity and the loss of a spouse. Both are great reads and wonderful encouragement when going through a tragic circumstances. Somethings are never simple in God, so we have the freedom to wonder. While I am learning however to not Question God or His will. Especially when I think of things in the light of JOB’s experience. Mali Music has a wonderful video on the job experience which really explains this so well and also in a way that could be understood here and now. Meaning in a way that is relevant. Not many people i know have lost ALL their children there money AND health: Perhaps 2 out of three. But sometimes questioning God will give you the beat down, in otherwords who are you to ask Him anything since HE knows everything. But He permits our feeble attempt to question His sovreignity and luckily doesnt strike us with a lightning rod. In my own struggles questions and even anger i am learning to humbly lay my life at the foot of the Cross seeing as my God almost knows best EVEN if i dont think He does at the time.

I don’t care if Trayvon is NINO BROWN…..

Wrong is wrong and right is right. I recented  read an article in Ebony which dealt with this issue.  Why is it that black people fall under a cloud of eternal sin by white people. As if we are guilty no matter what. The fact that Trayvons family is not the woman with rollers in her hair on the evening news (they come for her first) hollaring at her ends, trust if Trayvons momma was like this. Nobody would be marching. WHY there would be no support from whites. On Anderson Cooper i remember the witness came on tv and was a white women. I was suprised and also noticed that it took her VALIDATING the crime for whites to listen. They dont listen to us. If a black person would have responded to her claim than it would have no validity and TRAYVON most definately would be the criminal in this piece. Further making it clear that the only reason people are upset is because TRAYVON was a good clean kid. If he was well ‘he deserved to die’ and George Zimmermans murder would be valid. Such goes the injustice in this country and the prejudice that whites have towards all black men.

from soul food to spirit food


By stevendepolo Courtesy flickr

When I was looking for photos, the first thing i found was ‘devil’s food cake’. It’s just like the enemy to tempt you with the eyes and lead you straight to the doctors after.  I am working on a series of devotional writings revolving around food. Stay tuned.