Sickness as a reminder

I have been mediating on the idea of sickness as a gift. Sometimes i used to get angry with GOD. I mean why can’t i just be normal, find a job get married like normal people and go on with life. things have never been that simple with me, and some is because of sin, sins introduced sins of others or simple sins of life. Other times i truly believe its God’s way of reminding me not to live for this world. This world brings death and sorrow and while im sure G-d does want us to experience joy while here, its nothing compared to heaven. I had alot of sorrows growing up which made me want to seek out a perfect life, a life without trouble and trial. But im realizing seeking out this life, troubleless, through sin and other things which you try to drown out the pain of living not other doesnt give you relief but brings on more sorrow. In learning this challenges, sicknesses or lack of life’s comforts are just God’s way of painfully reminding us that this is not the end all be all, to continue to strive for heavenly treasures and not earthly ones, and this is not the end of the story. This is Laura story’s song ‘blessings’ it came to me while writing today. enjoy.

Laura Story – Blessings- Fans Share Their Stories from laura-story on GodTube.


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